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Club News

Teammates: With Rory Holden

20 March 2020

Club News

Teammates: With Rory Holden

20 March 2020

We quizzed Walsall defender Rory Holden to get all the lowdown on his Saddlers teammates!

Best Dressed?

It’s got to be either Cam Norman or Danny Guthrie. They have a right good go every day with their gear.

Worst Dressed?

Alfie Bates. He loves a baggy Nike tracksuit which is about five years old.


Dan Scarr. I try and avoid him in training with some of the tackles he makes.

Nutmeg King?

Got to give this one to James Hardy.

Biggest Moaner?

Definitely Josh Gordon. I don’t think there’s a day where he doesn’t moan about something.

Hardest Working?

That would be between Stuart Sinclair and Liam Kinsella.


James Clarke. Some of the things he comes out with you just can’t help but laugh at them.

Fun on Away Trips?

Cam Norman is fun on away trips because he brings the game Wolf with him to keep everyone entertained.

Wind-Up Merchant?

James Clarke is constantly winding people up.

Weirdest Pre-Match Routine?

I haven’t noticed any weird pre-match routines.

Best First Touch?

Wes McDonald, he’s got a very good first touch.  

Management Material?

Mat Sadler, he definitely has potential.

Best Friend?

I live with Cameron Pring and James Hardy so I would say those two.  

Worst Roommate?

That’s a hard one. Either Pringy or Hardy because all they ever talk about is FIFA so you can’t get a proper conversation out of either of them.


Either Pringy or Shay Facey.

Teammate you’d be stranded on a desert island with?

Stu Sinclair, he’s like Bear Grylls.

Least likely to buy a round of drinks?

James Clarke, he’s the tightest person I know!

Best Haircut?

 Cal Cockerill-Mollett, he gets a haircut every three days so either of them!

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