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93rd AGM Minutes

16 November 2015

Details of the 93rd AGM held on Monday 16th November...

THE Club have today released details of the 93rd Annual General Meeting held on Monday 16th November at the Banks's Stadium.

Directors present:
Mr S. Gamble (Company Secretary)
Mr K. R. Whalley
Mr R. Tisdale
Mr N Bond

Also present: Mr A. Morris (Dains LLP)

Apologies were received from Mr J. W. Bonser, Mr P. Gilman, Mr L. Pomlett and Mr D. Mole.

Shareholders were as per the register and listed apologies from members were accepted.

Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 15th December 2014 were confirmed and signed as a true copy of the business transacted on the proposition of Mr Kavanagh, seconded by Mr Thomas and carried unanimously.

Adoption of the balance sheet
The statement of accounts for the year ended 31st May 2015 was received. Mr Gamble read the report of the Auditors. The adoption of the statement of accounts and balance sheet was proposed by Mr Bathurst, seconded by Mr Kavanagh and carried unanimously.

Re-election of Directors
The re-election of Mr R. Tisdale and Mr S. Gamble was unanimously confirmed by members on the proposal of Mr Thomas, seconded by Mr Barker and carried unanimously.

Appointment of Auditors
The meeting confirmed the appointment of Dains LLP as Auditors of the Company and Club Accountants, on the motion of Mr Kavanagh, seconded by Mr Bathurst and carried unanimously.

The Directors were then given the authority to fix the Auditors Remuneration on the motion of Mr Kavanagh, seconded by Mr Barker and carried unanimously.

Any other business
Mr Gamble read out Shareholder’s Questions and pre-prepared answers on behalf of the Board of Directors (please find detailed below).

Questions received from Mr J. E. Barker:
Why do we not meet in the evening to let more shareholders be present? Monday at 9am is very difficult especially to use the M6.

Club Answer:
With over 900 shareholders, many of whom do not live locally, it will always be a challenge to set an AGM time and date that suits everyone. The AGM has been held on a Monday morning at 9am for many years now and is deemed to be the most practical to conduct the business required for all those who choose to attend.

How do we nearly always make a profit of between £10,000 and £26,000 when transfer fees do not appear in the accounts?

Club Answer: To clarify, if a transfer fee is received it will be treated correctly as an income in the Profit & Loss Account.

The meeting was declared closed at 09:15 am.

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